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Commvault Enterprise Backup Maintenance

Who is Impacted: IT Staff leveraging Commvault.

What is Impacted: Administrators will be updating the Commvault Enterprise Backup. During this maintenance window, the following services will be unavailable:

  • Transaction log backups
  • Restore processes and requests
  • Access to

​Please Note: Nightly backups will still continue to function.

Start Time:  Wednesday, October 25, 8:00 AM CDT

End Time:  Thursday, October 26, 5:00 PM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.

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System Alert

Agilon One Database Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Users attempting to make donations via the website. University Advancement staff attempting to perform work in the Agilon One system. 

What is Impacted: The ability to donate as well as the ability to perform work in the Agilon One application will be unavailable during the database maintenance.  

Start Time: Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM CDT  

End Time: Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 9:30 AM CDT  

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.  

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CAS-IT System Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Students, faculty, and staff attempting to access impacted CAS-IT services during the maintenance window.

What is Impacted: CAS-IT strives to keep all of our services up-to-date and free of any disruptions or unscheduled downtime. To facilitate this, we implement a planned maintenance window in which we might take some to all of our services off-line to perform maintenance or upgrades. The CAS Maintenance Window will begin on the 3rd Friday of each month at 7 p.m. (Friday) – and end at 7 a.m. (Saturday). Planned outages will be rescheduled when they fall on the first week, last week, finals week, or the time between finals week and the time grade submission are due during the Spring or Fall semester.  The scheduled maintenance dates through May 2019 can be found here . The following services could be affected:

  • CAS-IT network shares including Casfiles Private Drive (R:), Casfiles01 Departmental File Shares (S:), Cas-ProjShare for temporary projects, Instructor folders, Public folders, hand-in folder, Vidette Files, and others.
  • Printing to CAS network printers and print management with PaperCut.
  • License servers for MATLAB, ArcGIS, Maple, Intergraph, GE Healthcare, Flexnet, Texas Instruments, Harris Geospatial, EViews, Excelis, Bruker Top Spin.
  • CAS-IT hosted websites including department websites, CAS URG system, CAS Budget system, CAS WordPress, Mind Project, WZND, Water Research, etc.
  • All other CAS-IT hosted servers or services including PSC Observation System, Noah, CAS-IT remote application server, Inception, etc.
  • Select Survey at, but not other addresses.
  • Faculty/Staff/GA computers (These computers may restart as a result of centrally pushed updates).
  • Logging in to Windows computers maintained by CAS-IT will take longer than usual while some of our servers are down for maintenance.

If you experience any trouble with these CAS-IT supported services after this maintenance window please attempt to restart your computer.

Start Time:  Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 7:00 PM CST 

End Time:  Saturday, October 21st, 2017 at 7:00 AM CST 

Workarounds: No workarounds are available  

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System Alert

ReggieNet Maintenance

Resolution: The ReggieNet Maintenance for the Lesson Builder tool has completed.  ReggieNet has been restored to full functionality and performance.

Expired System Alert

System Alert

StarRez Maintenance

What is Impacted: Students and staff utilizing the StarRez web portal, web client, and desktop client.

Who is Impacted: During the maintenance window, the StarRez web portal, web client, and desktop client may experience intermittent unavailability.

Start Time: Saturday, October 21, 6:00 PM CDT

End Time: Saturday, October 21, 9:00 PM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.