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Phishing Alert

Phishing Alert

Phishing: This is your Email administrator

The following phishing email has been reported to the Help Desk. This email was not sent by Illinois State University.

Important: If you clicked the link in this email and "logged in" with your ULID and password, you should change your password and security question immediately.

For more information, refer to [736] How to recognize phishing emails targeting Illinois State University.



Dear User,

This is your Email administrator. (University Affiliated E-mail Account Only). 

Please be informed that Email server has just been upgraded and your account needs to be reset immediately.

This process is to keep your School Email system server updated and protected as always.


<Click this Link>



Administrator TEAM

Network Alert

Network Alert

Resolved: Network Connectivity: Hudelson Building Outage

Who is Impacted: Students, faculty, and staff attempting to access network resources in the Hudelson Building, including Cisco IP phones.

What is Impacted: The Hudelson Building is currently experiencing failing hardware, and is in the process of being replaced.

Start Time: Tuesday, September 19, 8:15 AM CDT.

End Time: Tuesday, September 19, 9:20 AM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds are available.


Resolved: Administrators confirm that all network connectivity has been restored.

System Alert

System Alert

CS Standby Reporting Copy Outage - Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Faculty, and staff attempting to access the Campus Solutions Reporting Copy including Cognos users.

What is Impacted: The CS Standby reporting copy is undergoing Oracle patch maintenance at this time, conducted by OMCS.  As a result, the CS reporting copy database is unavailable.  This outage started around 9:00 AM and is expected to continue until noon.  

Start Time: Sunday, September 17, 9:00 AM CDT

End Time: Sunday, September 17, 12:00 PM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.


Resolution:  The maintenance has been completed.

System Alert

System Alert

College of Business Mandatory Desktop/Laptop Reboot Maintenance

Who is Impacted: College of Business Faculty & Staff

What is Impacted: All College of Business desktops and laptops will undergo a mandatory reboot to apply patches and updates. All users are advised to save their work and log off of their desktops/laptops prior to the scheduled reboot.

The posted schedule of all College of Business Sunday morning reboots can be found at .

Start Time: Sunday, September 17th

End Time:  Sunday, September 17th  

System Alert

System Alert

State Farm Hall of Business Power Outage

Who is Impacted: College of Business Faculty & Staff

What is Impacted: Earlier this morning there was a power outage that affected the State Farm Hall of Business.

Power has been restored but H drives and virtual desktops are still unavailable.

Start Time: Saturday, September 16th 8:30 AM

Workarounds:  There are no workarounds available at this time.


Resolved:  All COB services related to the power outage have been restored.

With the resolution of this outage administrators would also advise you of the following:

  • The Sunday morning mandatory reboot will remain in place.
  • If you do not appear to have access to a COB resource at first logon please reboot your computer.
  • There may be secondary effects due to this outage so please check any critical resources you may need prior to a meeting or class to be certain those resources are accessible and performing as expected.