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System Alert

System Alert

SQL Server Database Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Staff using any of the below listed applications or services.

What is Impacted: Standard patch maintenance will be performed on an SQL Server database server. The following applications and services will experience multiple outages and possible degraded performance during the planned database maintenance period:

  • Archibus
  • AT Report Server
  • Call Data Records
  • Facilities iServiceDesk
  • Facilities Management Condition Assessment web site
  • Facilities Management Small Scale Drawings
  • Microsoft BitLocker Administration (MBAM)
  • Schlage
  • Various Campus Solutions Interface ESB jobs
  • Velocity (unavailable for the entire maintenance period) 
  • WebTMA
  • Work Order Cost Reports

Start Time: Monday, April 8, 6:00 PM CDT

End Time: Monday, April 8, 8:00 PM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.


Resolved: This maintenance has been completed.


System Alert

System Alert

Global Payments Backup Gateway Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Users attempting to process credit card transactions via credit card terminals.

What is Impacted: While no impact is expected, customers who are active during the maintenance window and who are targeting the backup Gateway may experience brief communication disruptions as updates are applied, which may impact the ability to process transactions via credit card terminals.

Start Time: Monday, April 8, 3:00 AM CDT

End Time: Monday, April 8, 8:00 AM CDT

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.

Phishing Alert

Phishing Alert

Phishing: ISU Employment - Payroll Clerk

The following phishing email has been reported to the Help Desk. This email was not sent by Illinois State University.

Important: If you clicked the link in this email and "logged in" with your ULID and password, you should change your password and security question immediately.

For more information, refer to [736] How to recognize phishing emails targeting Illinois State University.

<Image of SurePayroll - A Paychex company>

Work at your own Conveniences as Payroll Clerk to supplement your income.Click here for the job position overview.

System Alert

System Alert Portal Database Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Students, faculty, and staff.

What is Impacted: Standard patch maintenance will be performed on an SQL Server database server. During this database maintenance period, some portions of the My.IllinoisState portal may not be accessible at times and/or performance may be degraded.  

Start Time: Sunday, April 7, 4:00 AM CDT

End Time: Sunday, April 7, 6:00 AM CDT


  • Email Access:  
  • ReggieNet:  
  • Class Schedules and Student Center:
  • iPeople:  


Update: Maintenance has been completed.

End Time: Sunday, April 7, 5:30 AM CDT

System Alert

System Alert

iPeople Maintenance

Who is Impacted:  Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees

What is Impacted:  Administrators will apply updates to iPeople. This may result in iPeople being unavailable for multiple hours during the maintenance window.  MyIllinoisState links that access iPeople information, updates to the reporting copy, and scheduled background processing will also be unavailable or delayed.

Start Time:  Friday, April 5, 11:00 PM CDT

Scheduled End Time:  Saturday, April 6, 7:00 AM CDT

Workaround:  There are no workarounds available.


Update: Maintenance has completed and ISU Administrators have verified the system is available.

End Time:  Saturday, April 6, 7:00 AM CDT