Alert Detail

System Alert

System Alert

Resolved: Campus IT Services Unavailable 5/18-5/19 Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Staff, Faculty, and Students

All ISU IT services will be unavailable. The following are some of the affected services:

  • Elevator and Blue Light Emergency Phones
  • Authentication
  • Account Directories
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Campus Phones. Dial 911 using your cell phone.
  • VPN Access
  • Wireless
    • isunet
    • Guest Access
    • DevReg (IoT devices will not be able to access the network)
    • Wireless Ticket Scanners
    • Eduroam
  • Enterprise Applications (Office 365, Peoplesoft, Reggienet, Ellucian Colleague (Datatel), Cognos, Cherwell, etc...)


The following services should be available throughout the maintenance:

  • Power
  • Electronic Door Access
  • Wired Network Access (Internet only)
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • TV Service

Start Time: Saturday, May 18th at 5:00 am

Scheduled End Time: Sunday, May 19th at 5:00 pm

Actual End Time: Sunday, May 19th at 2:30 pm

Workaround: There are no workarounds available.



Resolved: Administrators advise that the network maintenance has been successfully completed, and campus IT services are now available. Due to a processing backlog, ULID Account Management changes (including ULID password resets) may experience a delay until processing has caught up.