Alert Detail

System Alert

System Alert

ULID Account Management Processing Performance Degraded

Who is affected: Faculty, Staff, and Students

What is affected: ULID account password changes as well as other account management updates are not being processed, preventing access to central authentication sites and systems. In addition, newly activated accounts are unable to access sites utilizing central authentication.

Commonly accessed sites and systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Office 365:
  • Campus Solutions:
  • iPeople:

Start Time: Sunday January 13, 2019, Time Unknown



Update: The backlog of account updates completed processing early this morning and is processing new requests as expected.

End Time:  Monday January 14, 2019, ~3:00 AM CST


Update: Administrators worked with our vendor to restore processing of ULID account update requests. Administrators will continue to monitor the environment and work to identify the cause of impact. Due to its duration, the backlog may take several hours to process.

The following message has been placed on our account management page: 

ULID Password Changes are currently experiencing significant processing delays. If you change your password, you may not be able to login to campus systems for several hours. If you do not need to change your password, it is strongly recommended that you wait to do so.


Update: Administrators will be doing a full system restart. During this time, the ULID Account Management system will be disabled. This work is expected to begin at approximately 5:30 PM CST.


Update: Administrators have engaged the vendor and continue to work toward a resolution. We were able to identify that the impact appears to have started yesterday morning around 10:30 AM.

Start Time: Saturday January 12, 2019, ~10:30 AM CST