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System Alert

CAS Private Drive System (casfiles) Emergency Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Faculty and staff utilizing the CAS private drive server (casfiles).

What is Impacted: Emergency maintenance that will cause an outage of the CAS Private Drive system (casfiles server) is scheduled for Thursday, January 10th beginning at 8 PM.  It is unknown how long this outage will be.  During this time all CAS Private Drives (aka R: drive) will be completely unavailable. 

Start Time: Thursday, January 10, 8:00 PM CST

Workarounds: As a workaround, files may be copied to your ISU provided OneDrive before January 10th at 8 pm.  See knowledge article 751 for instructions.

Alternatively, OneDrive can be connected to your PC or Mac such that the files will be accessible without a browser, just like casfiles.

  • Windows: Run the OneDrive application and login (work account).  OneDrive will be available in file explorer.  Install from if needed.
  • Mac: Install OneDrive from and login (work account).  OneDrive will be available in the finder.

Files may also be copied to a local computer hard drive however OneDrive is recommended. 

Please submit a ticket at or call 438-4357 (help) if you would like any assistance.


Resolved: The CAS Private Drive service is back online and working normally.  CAS-IT Administrators will continue to closely monitor the service.  It is highly encouraged that Private Drive users attempt to open a few of their most important files or those that might be needed in the near future.

If you continue to experience issues using this service please first restart your computer and if the problem persists tell us by calling 438-HELP, emailing, or logging in to the self-service website at

If needed, directions to reconnect to the drive can be found via knowledge article 1467 at .


Update: Administrators continue to work on the issue. CAS Private drives (casfiles server) remain unavailable. 


Upon investigation, administrators have come to believe that some files on CAS Private drives may not open correctly.


Administrators have what is considered to be a reliable backup from 12/18/18.  Administrators continue to work to restore the server to a reliable state as well.  Faculty and staff can request to retrieve backed-up data through 12/18/18. To do so please submit a ticket by logging in to, click report an issue, click "Ask My IT Team a Question" found in the middle of the page footer and complete that form. 


Update: Administrators continue to work on the issue. CAS Private drives (casfiles server) remain unavailable. A time of resolution for this issue is not currently available.