Alert Detail

System Alert

System Alert

Resolved: CASFILES Performance Degraded

Who is Impacted: Faculty and staff utilizing the CAS private drive server (casfiles).

What is Impacted: The CAS private drive server (casfiles) is currently experiencing issues. Administrators are aware and are working toward a resolution.

Start Time: Monday, January 7, 9:52 AM CST

End Time: Monday, January 7, 12:50 PM CST

Workarounds: No workarounds are available.


Resolved: Administrators advise that the CAS Private Drive service is now available. In order to connect to the drive, please restart your computer and attempt to connect normally. Directions to manually connect may be found at KB 1467: CAS - Accessing CAS Files Private and Shared Drives. If you continue to experience issues after restarting, please contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357, by email at, or report the issue via the self-service website at