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System Alert

System Alert

Resolved: ReggieNet Delegated Access Tool Performance Degraded

Who is Impacted: Users of the delegated access tool in ReggieNet

What is Impacted: Users are receiving a 404 Error when attempting to view sites through the delegated access tool in ReggieNet.

Administrators are working with the hosting vendor to resolve the issue.

Start Time: Wednesday, July 7

End Tme: Monday, July 17, 7:45 AM CDT

Workaround: There are no workarounds available. 

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Technical Information

Infrastructure Incident: 139715


Resolved: Administrators verify that the issue with delegated access tool in ReggieNet has been resolved.


Update:  The vendor has verified that only the users of the Delegated Access Tool in ReggieNet are impacted. A workaround has been identified and will be communicated to those users when it is made available by the vendor on 7/16/17.