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System Alert

System Alert

StarRez Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Staff and Students.

What is Impacted: The hosting vendor will be performing scheduled maintenance on the StarRez service. During the maintenance window, intermittent issues may be experienced by the StarRez web and thick clients, the Admin portal, and the Housing and Dining portal.

Start Time: Friday, January 19, 2018 at 6:00 PM CST

End Time: Friday, January 19, 2018 at 9:00 PM CST

Workarounds: Users who experience issues within the StarRez clients, or within the Admin or Housing and Dining portals, may log out and log back in to continue where they left off.  

System Alert

System Alert

TouchNet Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Faculty, Staff, and Students

What is Impacted: The following TouchNet services will be unavailable during maintenance:

  • Application Fee Payment
  • Enrollment Deposit Fee Payment
  • Advancement Donations and Giving
  • CCWeb related functionality
  • Any functionality that passes through
  • Adding funds to Redbird Card
  • TouchNet payment balance inquiries. 

Start Time: Wednesday, January 17, 2:00 AM CST

End Time: Wednesday, January 17, 4:00 AM CST

Workaround: There are no workarounds available. 

System Alert

System Alert

Ellucian Colleague (Datatel) Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Staff utilizing the Datatel system.

What is Impacted: During the maintenance window, Datatel services will be unavailable.

Start Time: Tuesday, January 16, 7:00 PM CST

End Time: Wednesday, January 17, 12:00 AM (midnight) CST

Workarounds: No workarounds will be available.


Update: This maintenance has been extended until Wednesday, January 17, at 12:00 AM (midnight) CST.

System Alert

System Alert

StarRez Performance Degraded

Who is Impacted: Students, faculty, and staff.

What is Impacted: The StarRez (Housing and Dining) web portal, as well as the StarRez thick and web clients are experiencing slow performance and intermittent time outs.

Start Time: Tuesday, January 16, 10:17 AM CST

Workarounds: Users who are unable to access the StarRez web portal, or clients, may continue to retry.


Update: Administrators state that at this time, the StarRez Housing & Dining portal, as well as the web client, appear to be functioning normally. The vendor is working to resolve the continuing performance degradation in the desktop client.


Update: Administrators advise that the vendor erroneously reported this impact as resolved. The StarRez (Housing and Dining) web portal, as well as the desktop and web clients continue to exhibit degraded performance. The vendor is working toward a resolution.


Resolved: Administrators report that the vendor has resolved this issue. Users who continue to experience issues with the StarRez system are advised to report them to the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357, or by email at

System Alert

System Alert

Resolved: Campus Solutions Maintenance

Who is Impacted: Students, faculty, staff and applicants.

What is Impacted:  ISU has scheduled an update to Campus Solutions.  The Campus Solutions application will be available for most of the maintenance window.  During the actual outage, users may be logged off the system without warning and may or may not be able to log back on immediately. 

After the maintenance there should be no noticeable change to the end user experience.

System(s) Impacted:

  • Campus Solutions
  • Student Self Service
  • Faculty Self Service
  • On-line Applications
  • New Account Creation
  • Campus Solutions Reporting copy databases could be degraded or lag
  • Integrated messages will be queued during the outage
  • Some nightly processing will be skipped/held during the maintenance window

Start Time: Saturday, January 13, 1:00 AM CT

End Time: Saturday, January 13, 7:00 AM CT

Workarounds:  No workarounds will be available.


Resolved: Adiministrators confirm that this maintenance has been completed, and Campus Solutions services are now available.